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Only satisfied when you are!

50 years of service with Oxygen Regional !!!

We are a team that is proud to offer a quality service. Discover on our website a wide range of services offered by our representatives on the road, monthly promotions, used equipment as well as several links for our partners covering the area of the weld !!!


Oxygene Regional’s mission is: To offer our customers new solutions in helping to facilitate their business ( knowledge, technical references, procedures) and provide expert advice with experienced and trained employees. We will work hard to create strong relationships with industry leading suppliers so that we can link the best network of support and product to our customers. We will do our best to create a partnership with our customers so that they can be as efficient as possible.

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Looking for our latest promotion and sales? You can access all current promotions and sales via our website. See something you like, contact the store and we can deliver it to your door.